Si Cantik dari Plastik (The Plastic Beauty)

A young girl poses for several teen magazines and later stars in a number of commercials and even receives a reward as the best teen model. The girl’s name is Nola, a beautiful teen star who is currently the talk of the town. In the midst of her busy schedule, she decided to enter collage. On her first day, the whole campus buzzed with excitement over her presence as a new girl on campus. Boys line up to meet her, but Nola rejects every one of them.
Her haughty and arrogant personality makes her unpopular among her classmates. Only the boys are interested in her, including Robby and Ficky, two of the most handsome and richest seniors on campus. Robby was the first to approach Nola, and because he is good-looking and rich, Nola doesn’t mind going out with him. She bosses him around and enjoys spending his money until all his credit cards are maxed out.
The next day, when Robby comes to meet Nola, she is already cozying up with Ficky. Infuriated, Robby hits Ficky and a fight ensues. But rather than stopping the fight, Nola just leaves the scene. To calm Nola down, Ficky takes her shopping almost every day. But after a month, Nola grows bored of him and decides to dump Ficky, angering him and making him vow revenge. After Robby and Ficky, Nola decides to date other guys in campus but she always dumps them once she is bored of them and after a while, the whole campus knows that Nola is a heartbreaker.
Worried that Nola’s exes would take revenge on her, a nerdy guy named Mario approaches Nola and advices her not to treat others poorly and that she should count her blessings and be nicer. Somehow, the two formed an unlikely friendship with each other.
One day, Nola confesses to Mario that she has a crush on Andre, the less rich but best looking guy on campus. Though heartbroken, Mario decides to just watch over her from the sideline. However, he finds out that Andre is a part of Ficky and Robby’s revenge plan and tries to warn Nola. The smitten Nola ignores him and continues dating Andre.
After some time, Nola confesses to Andre that she is actually Hilda, the geekiest and ugliest girl in campus who was always bullied by the handsome boys on campus and that she achieved her looks through multiple plastic surgeries.
Unfortunately, as planned, Andre tells the truth to Robby and Ficky and receives money for that valuable piece of information. Afterwards, the two try to spread the rumor to the entire campus though everyone thinks that they are just trying to take revenge on Nola.
In light of this, Mario tries to get Nola to admit that Andre had spilled the beans on her and that he is the only person who wouldn’t tell people about Nola’s plastic surgeries.
What does Mario means? Can he make Nola see the errors of her way? Will Nola ever find her true love who will love her for her true self?


Romantic Drama


90 Minutes


Arnandha Wyanto


Vera Varidia


Revalina S Temat, Ridwan Abdul Ghany, Detri Warmanto, Erik Estrada Dwi Poyono, Dita Amelia

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