Asmara di Bawah Hujan (Romance Under the Rain)

Felina is a modest girl studying in a nursing college. Orphaned, she lives with her elderly uncle, Ujang. To pay for her tuition, Felina decides to be a private nurse for Tristan, a rich man suffering from chronic leukemia.
Tristan’s father, Tirta rejects Felina to be Tristan’s nurse as she has yet to finish her studies and is inexperienced. However, Tristan sympathizes about her situation and hires her.
Initially, Tristan often refuses to undergo his routine treatment. But Felina perseveres and takes good care of Tristan, often telling him stories and preparing healthy food for him. Slowly, Tristan changes under her care.
Seeing a picture of Tristan with his ex-girlfriend, Aurel in his room, Felina contacts Aurel to visit Tristan with good intention. Unfortunately, her intention was misunderstood and Felina is fired as Tristan feels his privacy had been violated.
Shocked and saddened, Felina leaves Tristan’s house and goes to Amang’s place to work on his farm. Worried about her studies and Tristan’s care, Felina comes upon her puppy love, Arqa who proceeded to confess his love for her.
In the meantime, Tristan starts missing Felina’s presence in his house and realizes his mistake. He goes to Felina’s house to apologize and decides to stay there.
Though happy by Tristan’s presence, Felina worries about Tristan not bringing his medicine and missing his chemotherapy session. And one day, Tristan’s condition worsens and he has to be rushed to the hospital.
How will the story continue? Will Felina accept Arga’s love or will she decide to be with Tristan?


Romantic Drama


120 Minutes


Erlanda Gunawan


Saquilla Almadeena


Leo Sutanto


Asmirandah, Jonas Rivanno, Ashraf Sinclair, Celine, Ana Pinem, Yadi Timo, El Manik, Anwar Fuadi, Johan Jehan

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