Cinta 7 Susun (7 Layers of Love)

Cinta 7 susun tell the story of 7 girls, PJ, Atee, Linzy, Vanila, Natly, Mezty and Grace who each have different personality and background. They all live at the same place, Apartment RT 7.
When the place was scheduled for demolition, their passion for music brings them together. In a bid to save Apartment RT7, they form a group, 7 Icons to join a girl band competition.
Combining seven different characters is difficult, but because of their love for the apartment and the people in it who are like family, 7 Icons try hard to suppress their personal ego and conflict among them. With the help of Danish, they improve their music and vocal skills to win the competition and get a contract with a music label.
Unfortunately, things aren’t as easy as they want. They face their toughest rival, The Barbies, a gang of rich girls consisting of Britney, Milley, Selena dan Demi. The rivalry is flamed further by the bad history between Atee and Britney.
The spoiled Britney is annoyed by Atee’s attitude and asks her brother, Joe to demolish Apartment RT which stands next to their elite estate. Britney’s hatred runs deeper after finding out that her love crush, Danish lives there and might be dating PJ.
How will the story go? Can 7 Icons unite to win the competition and save their place?


Comedy Musical




60 Minutes


Desiana Larasati


Hilman Hariwijaya


Leo Sutanto


Angela Tee, Grace, Mezty, Natly, PJ, Vanilla, Linzy, Baim Wong, Mischa Chandrawinata, Raya Kohandi, Aurelia Devi, Mario Maulana, Gege Alisa, Ishabella, Gunawan, Cut Memey, Rico Tampatty, Minati Atmanagara

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