• Super Dede Season 2

    In this sequel, Mak Oni and Ipul (Dede’s step brother) are died because of the fire in Dede’s house. Not only has the disaster, Dede’s super power also...Read More

  • Super Dede Season 1

    Super Dede is a story about a young unlucky man named Dede, living with a step mother, Mak Oni and his younger brothers Roni and Bumper. Besides unfair treatment at...Read More

  • Centini

    Centini is a naive yet talented girl who is chasing love and dreams in the capital city of Jakarta. Because of her charms, she has captured the hearts of Bobby and Mr....Read More

  • Walisanga (The Nine Preachers)

    The series begin with the story of Sunan Kalijaga, a Javanese preacher who magnanimous, insightful, and intelligent. Raden Said as Allah’s preacher is traveling...Read More

  • 1 Cinta di Bira (A Love in Bira)

    Has been living in Jakarta for six years, Iqbal is forced to return to his hometown Bira and continue his family business after his father died. There Iqbal sees Devi...Read More

  • Lucky Show

    Participants come from the studio and the viewers at home (they can login via RCTI mobile). There are panelists representing each answer, served to incite the...Read More