• Cincin (A Ring)

    Adam is forced to leave his wife, Seruni due to resistance from his parents. They leave their daughter, Airin at an orphanage and gives her a ring as a symbol that they...Read More

  • Candy

    Found on the same day in the front door of an orphanage, Candy and Rani grow up closer than sisters, though their personalities couldn’t be more different. Candy...Read More

  • Binar Bening Berlian

    It is about the lives of three girls of the same age named Binar, Bening and Berlian. Binar and Bening are the twin daughters of Jonah and Herlina. Though twins, Binar...Read More

  • Akibat Pernikahan Dini (Early Marriage Effect)

    Dini is a 19-year-old girl in the second semester of her study. She is forced to marry Adrian, a 21-year-old man who is her senior at the same university. Dini’s...Read More

  • Aisyah

    Irvan’s four children are the arrogant and shopaholic Tania (20 years old), the modest but spoiled Aisyah (17 years old), the naughty Bima (15 years old), and the...Read More

  • Cinta dan Anugerah (Love and Blessing)

    Nabila is a modest and kind girl living with her two sisters, the cheerful yet clumsy Aira, and the smart and pious Mini. Nabila’s burden is heavy after their...Read More