• Dewi

    DEWI [Rianti Cartwright] is a pretty and innocent girl from the village with an optimistic spirit. Dewi is very naïve that she just easily trusted her friend GUSTAF...Read More

  • Kemilau Cinta Kamila (Kamila’s Shining Love)

    Kamila is beautiful, modest and kind girl who lives alone with her mother, Farah. Farah loves Kamila dearly but is very strict to Kamila about one thing, which is that...Read More

  • Yusra and Yumna

    Yusra and Yumna are twins who got separated by tsunami in their childhood. Yusra was with their parents, Nirwana and Rama when the incident happened, while Yumna got...Read More

  • Putri Bidadari (Fairy Princess)

    Putri is a cute, cheerful, kind and precocious little girl. One day, Putri’s father, Mahmud caused fire to his master, Jefri’s house, which took the lives of...Read More

  • Awas Ada Sule (Beware of Sule)

    This show follows the mischievous servant Sule as he goes about his ignorant ways. Sule is upset with Mrs. Tiyo/Kanjeng Mami who has hired a new maid for cooking, so he...Read More

  • Office Boy (OB)

    OB (office boy) is situational comedy of daily activity in the broadcast station office of OKTV. Odah is the queen of the pantry who rules over Sayuti, an innocent and...Read More