• Preman Pensiun (Retired Gang Boss)

    Bahar, is the leader of a group of thugs who has the power in some area, including traditional market, terminal and in a street, he’s retired after his wife passed...Read More

  • Anak-anak Manusia (Children of Men)

    Children Of Humans is a story of life in Jakarta slum area, with a man named Mardani as the main character, who always making trouble, even always getting his...Read More

  • Pashmina Aisha

    Phasmina and Aisha are twins who were separated when a rich family adopted Pashmina and brought her abroad to cure her heart disease, leaving Aisha alone in the...Read More

  • Bima Satria Garuda (The Garuda Knight Bima)

    The series begins in a parallel world nearing its end ruled by Vudo Kingdom. The parallel world exists in eternal darkness without any life element on it due to the...Read More

  • Dewi

    DEWI [Rianti Cartwright] is a pretty and innocent girl from the village with an optimistic spirit. Dewi is very naïve that she just easily trusted her friend GUSTAF...Read More

  • Kemilau Cinta Kamila (Kamila’s Shining Love)

    Kamila is beautiful, modest and kind girl who lives alone with her mother, Farah. Farah loves Kamila dearly but is very strict to Kamila about one thing, which is that...Read More