• Super Dede Season 2

    In this sequel, Mak Oni and Ipul (Dede’s step brother) are died because of the fire in Dede’s house. Not only has the disaster, Dede’s super power also...Read More

  • Super Dede Season 1

    Super Dede is a story about a young unlucky man named Dede, living with a step mother, Mak Oni and his younger brothers Roni and Bumper. Besides unfair treatment at...Read More

  • Centini

    Centini is a naive yet talented girl who is chasing love and dreams in the capital city of Jakarta. Because of her charms, she has captured the hearts of Bobby and Mr....Read More

  • Walisanga (The Nine Preachers)

    The series begin with the story of Sunan Kalijaga, a Javanese preacher who magnanimous, insightful, and intelligent. Raden Said as Allah’s preacher is traveling...Read More

  • Dunia Tanpa Koma (A World Without Comma)

    As a journalist, Raya wants to make changes in her country. She starts to investigate her ex lover Jendra Aditya who is known as the leader of national drug dealer. The...Read More

  • Pulang Malu tak Pulang Rindu (Ashamed of Going Home, Missing if Not Going Home)

    Story of daily life of a couple, Amin works as a mechanic and Neneng works as a seamstress at home. Neneng frequently visits a button store owned by Uda Joni, and...Read More