• Buyung Upik

    Buyung and Upik are siblings, they are the Padangnese. Buyung and Upik and their parents move to Jakarta. They lived in Kampung Suka Damai and go to school in SD...Read More

  • Ayu Anak Depok City (AADeCi)

    Ayu is a Betawi ethnic girl from Depok who have a boyfriend named Andre. But their love need to be ended because Ayu must marry with Mandala Somad. The reason of her...Read More

  • Kampung Sorga

    Kampung Sorga tells the story of Jakarta citizens and their daily life struggles. Wrapped with a conflict colored story that appealing to the family. There are various...Read More

  • Kabayan Sekolah Lagi (Kabayan's Going to School Again)

    Living alone and poor, Kabayan has a simple dream to be happy and marry Iteung-the most beautiful girl in village. Living casually, Kabayan is considered lazy even...Read More

  • Super Dede Season 2

    In this sequel, Mak Oni and Ipul (Dede’s step brother) are died because of the fire in Dede’s house. Not only has the disaster, Dede’s super power also...Read More

  • Super Dede Season 1

    Super Dede is a story about a young unlucky man named Dede, living with a step mother, Mak Oni and his younger brothers Roni and Bumper. Besides unfair treatment at...Read More