• Super Papa

    How super are you, Daddy? You should be great at house work, start from baby sitting, house cleaning, until family’s favourite dishes. Psssttt.... To all mom,...Read More

  • Sana Sini Seru (Everywhere Exciting)

    More friends, more knowledge, more fun. Raise your hand and take a tour with Melissa to new places and make yourself happy. Take the bus with friends, visit cool places...Read More

  • Syahrini Lost in Italy

    Now Syahrini will guide you to her journey in Italy. It is not a normal tourist traveling journey, it’s the Prices traveling journey, which sometimes she is just...Read More

  • Idolaku (My Idol)

    Fans are an important element to every idol’s success. Idolaku invites a different star in each episode to surprise and meet with their fans. See the fans’...Read More

  • Bukan Sinetron (Not A Soap Opera)

    Bukan Sinetron is a human-interest program that tells the story of the people around us, who are often ignored. Viewers are expected to learn a lesson from the story. Read More

  • Coboy Junior Terhebat (Greatest Junior Coboy)

    It's the Coboy Junior in action. This program covers Coboy Junior daily life activities, fans greeting, and even their stage action. It is packed and amusing for true...Read More