• Mengejar Matahari (Chasing the Sun)

    Mengejar Matahari is a coming of age tale of childhood friends whose bonds are tested as they grow into adulthood. Ardi, Damar, Apin and Nino are best friends even...Read More

  • Masih Bukan Cinta Biasa (Unusual Love Story)

    Tommy is a changed rock star who found enlightenment. He is faced by the folly of his youth in the name of Vino, who suddenly confesses to being his biological son from...Read More

  • Brownies

    Mel, a beautiful girl who likes to bake brownies gets the surprise of her life when she went to surprise her fiancé, Joe only to find him in bed with another...Read More

  • Tendangan dari Langit (Shoot from the Sky)

    This is the story of Wahyu, a 16-year-old boy who is blessed with extraordinary ability in football. Wahyu lives in Langitan Village on the slopes of Mount Bromo with...Read More