• Me VS Mami (Me Versus Mommy)

    Mira’s relationship with her mother Maudy is unlike any other common mom-daughter relationship, theirs is full of misunderstanding and fights. Everything is...Read More

  • Surat Cinta Untuk Kartini (The Postman and Kartini)

    Sarwadi first meets Kartini at his first day of work delivering the letter and fall in love with her. However, his best friend Mujur considers Kartini as a weird woman,...Read More

  • Skakmat (Checkmate)

    Urged by Rodiah, his mother and from his lover’s parents to change his life, Jamal is forced to accept the job offer from Ivan, to be a keeper and take Dito, a...Read More

  • Dalam Mihrab Cinta (In the Niche of Love)

    Syamsul (Dude Harlino) is a 20 years old boy, determined to study at a Islamic boarding school in Kediri, leaving his fairly comfortable life. There he met with Zizi...Read More

  • 7/24

    Prasetyo Loulembah Setiawan, a famous film director is married to Tania Wulandary, a manager at a prestigious financial firm and they have a 5-year-old child together....Read More

  • Tentang Dia (About Her)

    20-year Gadis has a wound in her heart. Her lover betrayed her by having an affair with her best friend. Depressed, Gadis becomes a loner. Despite that, her collegemate,...Read More