• Kamu Tidak Sendiri ( You Are Not Alone )

    The story revolves around Mira who is a career woman who is trapped in an office elevator with Mika. A tense incident ensued, but Adrian, the security guard at the...Read More

  • Preman Pensiun : The Movie

    After three years, the business of Muslihat, who has retired as a thug, has a problem. He also faces new problems when her daughter grows up and visited by the boys. The...Read More

  • Temen Kondangan

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  • 99 Nama Cinta

    As an infotainment producer deals with a work crisis, a childhood friend, who’s now a cleric, arrives to honor a religious request from her late father. Read More

  • Mahasiswi Baru

    At an advanced age, LASTRI (Widyawati) wants to study in college. While a freshman, Lastri befriends DANNY (Morgan Oey), SARAH (Micah Tambayong), ERFAN (Umay Shahab) and...Read More

  • Toko Barang Mantan

    Toko Barang Mantan adalah toko jual-beli barang-barang mantan bagi orang-orang yang ingin move-on dari mantannya. Sebagai pencetus ide, pendiri dan pemiliknya, Tristan...Read More