• Baper Kids

    This is the kids version of Baper Game Show. The game show  that full of Party Games, for Kids. Hosted by Irfan Hakim, Rangga Moela and Dede Sunandar. Along with...Read More

  • Let’s Get Wet

    A water challenge game show, that will make you want to jump out of your seat at home and just join the show. The game started with 50 people, all aiming to get a flag...Read More

  • Lucky Show

    Participants come from the studio and the viewers at home (they can login via RCTI mobile). There are panelists representing each answer, served to incite the...Read More

  • Random Quiz

    Random Quiz consist of three stages; 1. Aytakata, where one team should choose clue randomly, and the other one will guess the words from the clue; 2. Tebar Paku (Spread...Read More

  • BaPer (Plenty of Games)

    Do you love games? love competitions? love romances? You are located in a right place, because there are plenty of games, competitions and romances in here, so...Read More

  • Be A Man

    Be A Man is a reality show reviews about a life of a transvestites which is formed becoming a perfect man. There are 18 contestants which will be educated by an...Read More