Jakarta Love Story

Aryo (25), Doni (25), Teguh (25) and Ucok (25) is best friends since they were in University. Their compactness continues until these days, with their own career life. Aryo is the richest among all and doesn’t want to continue his father’s business. Doni always struggles to be success even though he is financially stable. Teguh and Ucok comes from a simple life family, so he has to work harder in order to live the life. Their differences doesn’t make their friendship broken.
Aryo’s charm made Dira (25) loves him deeply, even though Aryo doesn’t feel the same way to her. Dira has a courage of asking Aryo to love her, she even threaten Aryo by jumping from a high building if Aryo doesn’t show up. Doni, Teguh and Ucok is panicked but Aryo doesn’t care because he assure that Dira is only seeking for attention.
Therefore Doni prevents Dira from jumping off the building by telling his sad love story. Alysa, the woman he loves who broke up with him and now she’s together with Vito (25) a rich young executive, which is also their friends since college. The reason why Alysa chose Vito is because Doni couldn’t buy her favourite designer bag. Dira couldn’t believe if Alysa treated Doni that way. Instead of making the situation more calm, Doni became frustated. Whereas Dira didn’t really mean to commit suicide, but now Doni wants to commit suicide. They’re making their friends really panicked. Now it’s Dira turn to prevent Doni from jumping off the building. When Doni dissuade his guts, he slipped and fell down!! But luckily his friends catch him.
Joni (30), Doni’s richest brother scold at Doni of his stubborn character. He’s sure that Doni want to change his idealistic principle and starting to believe that money is everything, so he won’t lose Alysa. Doni keeps his principle to be independent and doesn’t want to take advantage from his brother.
In a meanwhile, Dira visits Alysa while she’s with Vito, asking why Alysa betrayed Doni’s love to her and chose Vito. Without any guild, Alysa explains to Dira, is not easy to be a woman especially in Jakarta. As a woman, she has to look pretty and luxurious otherwise people will look down on her. She is really disappointed and she believes that one day, Vito will leave Alysa for the other woman. But Alysa doesn’t care.
When situation gets better, Doni and Teguh visits Aryo, and scold at him because he didn’t care of Dira who really loves her and almost commit suicide. Aryo sticks to his principle that true love doesn’t exist. No woman is sincere and loyal but Teguh doesn’t agree with hum, as he has a sincere and loyal girlfriend. Shinta (20) who’s always sincere and loyal to him, she lives in Banyuwangi and will visit Teguh in Jakarta.
When Shinta comes, Teguh asked Aryo to pick up her. When Aryo met Shinta, he falls in love with her. Aryo tried to hide his feelings towards Shinta, but he can’t control it. But Teguh will propose Shinta and promise her that he will make her happy.
How is the journey of their life and a complex love story?


Romantic Drama




60 Minutes


Vemmy Sagita


Lintang Pramudya Wardhani


Leo Sutanto


Rezky Aditya, Irish Bella, Rionaldo Stokhorst, Christian Sugiono, Mischa Chandrawinata, Michella Putri, Ketrin Agustine, Delano, Nasya Marcella, Kenang Mirdad, Irwan Chandra, Mona Ratuliu, Roy Marten, Eeng Saptahadi

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