• The Professionals

    The Proffesionals is an action movie about a robbery by a businessman Adi. Has just released from prison, he starts to make a big plan to set a robbery. The main target...Read More

  • Me VS Mami (Me Versus Mommy)

    Mira’s relationship with her mother Maudy is unlike any other common mom-daughter relationship, theirs is full of misunderstanding and fights. Everything is...Read More

  • 3 Dara (3 Wo[Men])

    Affandi, Jay and Richard are three buddies with different backgrounds but have one in common : womanizer and disrespect to women even though they have spouses. They are...Read More

  • Surat Cinta Untuk Kartini (The Postman and Kartini)

    Sarwadi first meets Kartini at his first day of work delivering the letter and fall in love with her. However, his best friend Mujur considers Kartini as a weird woman,...Read More

  • Skakmat (Checkmate)

    Urged by Rodiah, his mother and from his lover’s parents to change his life, Jamal is forced to accept the job offer from Ivan, to be a keeper and take Dito, a...Read More

  • Dibalik '98 (Behind 98)

    It is a story of a family’s struggle and the sacrifices made in the name of love, set in one of the greatest tragedies Indonesia underwent in May 1998. The...Read More

  • The Professionals
  • Me VS Mami (Me VS Mommy)
  • 1 Cinta di Bira (A Love in Bira)
  • Surat Cinta Untuk Kartini (The Postman and Kartini)